Help Your Landscaping Survive the Blistering Summer Heat

June 16, 2022

Summer is in full swing and with the extreme heat, it is important to have landscaping that can thrive. Here are some tips on how to enhance your landscaping to help it survive summer heat.

One of the most important things to consider when enhancing your landscaping for summer is choosing plants that can tolerate hot weather. Plants like salvia, bee balm, marigold, and geraniums are all great options for adding color and interest to your landscape while also standing up to the heat. You can also add in taller plants like grasses, sunflowers, or even some trees to provide shade and cooling relief.

Watering your landscaping is essential to keeping it healthy, but it's also important to do it at the right time. Watering in thes ummer heat can be tricky, as too much water can cause the roots to rot, and too little water can stress the plants. The best time to water your landscaping is early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot. This gives the plants a chance to absorb the water before it evaporates. It's also important to water deeply, so that the water reaches the roots. Watering deeply encourages deep root growth, which helps the plants to withstand drought conditions.

Another way to help protect your plants from the summer heat is to add a layer of mulch to the ground around them. Mulch acts as a barrier between the soil and the heat, helping to keep roots cool and moist. It also helps to prevent evaporation, so your plants will receive the water they need even during periods of drought. In addition, mulch can help to suppress weed growth and reduce the amount of time you spend watering your plants.

Landscaping during the summer can be tough- the heat dries everything out, and grass is no exception. If you cut your grass too short, it's more likely to get dried out and turn brown. Instead, try keeping your grass a little bit longer. Not only will it be more resilient to the summer heat, but it'll also look healthier overall. Plus, it's one less thing you must worry about when landscaping during the summer months. So, save yourself sometime and effort and let your grass grow a little bit longer this summer. Your lawn will thank you for it.

Summertime heat can be brutal on your landscaping. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help your landscaping thrive this summer. By picking the right plants, watering at the right time, using mulch and not mowing your lawn too short, you can make sure your yard looks great all season long. If you want to discuss your home, please contact me today, my door is always open.



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